Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This is made by a woman I work with. She is famous for her cakes here. Everyone says this is to die for and better than some wedding cakes they have had. I am NOT a fan of coconut, so I have never tried it. I have watched her make it though once on the Shuttle Launch trip when everyone in Kennedy Space Center expected her to come to work with these cakes. I learned that you can cut a cake into layers with dental floss if you don't have a cake cutting knife handy. Nifty!

1 box cake mix – (Duncan Hines “Butter Recipe” is the best)

Prepare cake mix as directed on box, cook in 9” cake pans. After cooking, slice each layer in half (see tip below).

FILLING: 1 (16 oz.) sour cream
1 ½ packages of fresh frozen coconut
2 cups sugar

Save 1 cup of filling to mix with cool whip for Icing. Divide the rest in-between each cake layer.

ICING: 1 (12 oz.) cool whip
1 cup of filling mixture

After the 4 layers are together with filling in-between each layer; frost with icing above, then put the remaining coconut around the sides and on top.

TOPPING: 1 ½ packages fresh frozen coconut

· Fresh frozen coconut is usually found in the section with the cool whip.
· A long piece of plain (no flavor) dental floss works great in slicing the cake layers. Wrap the floss around the layer (centering the floss), once it’s around the layer, criss-cross the floss; then pull the floss all the way through the cake layer.Best if cake sits covered in the refrigerator for at three days. Freezes well too.

Recipe of Kathy H.

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